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A large Navajo tufa-cast silver carinated pin

by McKee Platero, circa 2006

McKee Platero is just about the hottest thing going in Native American jewelry these days. After some 40 years as a brilliant silversmith, he has achieved an almost cult-like status, particularly in Japan, where he is literally worshipped (Some people have actually tattooed his name

and likeness on their bodies) and he is sometimes referred to as Matsuki Puratero, the "Samurai” silver-maker.

Today, McKee’s work is no longer represented by galleries and he no longer displays at the annual Santa Fe Indian Market. Rather, he now sells his extremely limited number of pieces directly to a increasingly eager select group of collectors and dealers around the world. This has poured fuel on an already intense demand for his extremely limited output, particularly for his older pieces which have always been difficult to come by. Everything of McKee’s that comes on the market these days sells almost instantly and at ever-increasing prices.

We purchased this pin directly from one of McKee Platero’s longtime former dealers, Anthony Whitman, in Santa Fe in around 2006. Mr. Whitman formerly held annual summer shows for McKee Platero from around 2003-2007. This pin is unsigned as are a number of Platero’s pieces. McKee has often said that he forgets to sign pieces sometimes when he has finished them because at the time he's so glad he's finished that it simply slips his mind. A signed certificate of authenticity will accompany the purchase of this pin.

No modern Native American jewelry collection is complete without at least one piece from this great master jeweler. This pin is a meticulously-crafted and outstanding quality piece with a nice size and scale. The pin measures 3” in length and approximately 1" in width and weighs 13.5 grams or .48 ounces. It is in excellent original condition.


McKee Platero Navajo Tufa-Cast Silver Pin
McKee Platero Navajo Tufa-Cast Silver Pin
McKee Platero Navajo Tufa-Cast Silver Pin
McKee Platero Navajo Tufa-Cast Silver Pin