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A striking and most beautifully crafted contemporary Navajo tufa-cast silver ring

by Aaron Anderson, 2021

Aaron Anderson is a master caster, a genuine virtuoso of the treacherous art of tufa-casting, one of the most difficult, painstaking and unforgiving of all traditional Navajo silversmithing techniques to work in, but one of

the most rewarding if you can get it right.

Pouring red hot molten silver into hand-carved volcanic tufa molds isn’t for the faint of heart. If the temperature cools, if the tufa mold cracks under the intense heat, if the mold doesn’t fill in all the way, the cast will be ruined. If everything goes right as it did with this lovely ring then its off to the races.

Aaron Anderson (b. 1970), a third-generation Gallup, NM-based Navajo silversmith is on a serious roll these days raising his already very high bar and making better and better jewelry all the time. And the proof is completely evident in the pudding here. Look closely at this wonderful all silver ring; notice the even and consistent casting, the graceful proportion and curves, the  combination of strength and delicacy exhibited here. It is restrained and elegant, just superbly done.

Aaron Anderson, Gallup, NM

Photo source and © Pinterest

The ring measures a size 11 1/4 on a professional ring sizer and is 1/2" in continuous width all the way around.

It measures 1/8" in thickness. The ring weighs a substantial 19 grams or 5/8 of an ounce, yet it is extremely comfortable with a nice solid feeling on the hand. It is properly signed “AaronA” on the interior and is in pristine, new original condition. The ring was purchased directly from Aaron Anderson in 2021 and has never been worn.

This ring is a truly stunning and very wearable piece from an extremely talented and dynamic artist on the fast track to increasingly greater fame. more awards, more recognition, higher demand and correspondingly steeper prices. We have seen this particular movie playing out a couple of times before in past decades starring the likes

of Charles Loloma, Preston Monongye, McKee Platero, Michael Kabotie, Perry Shorty and others.

Aaron is destined for jewelry greatness and a fine future full of beautiful things.

Price $575