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It is important to keep in mind that we are not an Art gallery in the conventional sense, and, therefore, we

do not operate like one. We are online-only private Art dealers; a much more streamlined and efficient business, which, in our view, provides many distinct advantages to our customers. The most significant of these is that they are able to purchase consistently higher-quality artworks at considerably lower prices while receiving more efficient, knowledgeable and personalized customer service directly from the business owners.


Return Policy


All of our sales are final. We do not accept returns except in the case of inadvertent misrepresentation or outright mistakes, which, to the best of our knowledge, has never occurred. We also do not send artworks out “on approval”. Instead, we go to considerable lengths to provide sufficient accurate and detailed information and photographs beforehand to enable our clients to comfortably make fully-informed purchase decisions in advance so that returns are never an issue.

If you would ever like to receive more specific information on any item or items listed on this website or any more detailed photographs, please contact us and we will make every effort to provide these as quickly as possible.

If you are uncomfortable with our policy, we sincerely apologize. There are numerous other galleries and dealers who are willing to send pieces out “on approval” and to allow returns. Please keep in mind, however, that you should expect to pay handsomely for such return and approval privileges in the form of considerably higher prices for artworks. Our more streamlined, efficient policies such as this are just one of the reasons why we can offer such customer-friendly pricing, generally at least 30-50% less than galleries or other dealers selling comparable pieces.

We would also point out that we have had this policy firmly in place for over

25 years for the sale of thousands of pieces for many millions of dollars and it has never caused anyone undue difficulty. We have many loyal and discriminating customers across the country and around the world who happily purchase significant artworks from us in precisely this manner year after year after year.

We are confident that you will have the same kind of positive and completely satisfactory experience should you decide to purchase from us yourself.

Fine Arts of the Southwest, Inc.

General Business Policies

Evaluation and Appraisal Policy


We do not perform evaluations or appraisals of artworks, complimentary or otherwise. We are professional art dealers who are engaged only in the business of buying and selling fine Southwestern and other works of art.

If you have artworks that you are interested in selling, we would be pleased to discuss the possibility of purchasing them. If you are interested in obtaining an evaluation or appraisal only, we can recommend a qualified appraiser.

Shipping & Insurance Policy


Domestic shipping in The United States:

Professional packing and free domestic shipping and insurance is included for most items on this website (except larger pieces such as furniture, paintings and certain other items) when purchased at their listed website price.

Shipping will be done via FedEx, UPS or USPS Priority Mail service in the continental U.S., Alaska and Hawaii. Free shipping insurance coverage will be provided by our professional art insurance policy for the full purchase price until the item(s) arrive at your door.  

International Shipping:

Purchaser is responsible for the costs of International shipping and insurance coverage unless otherwise agreed. International shipping and insurance costs will be based upon estimates provided by our professional art shipping agents.

Purchaser is also solely responsible for all customs duties and/or import taxes and other fees. The actual purchase price paid for the item(s), will be declared on all customs forms and no purchased items will be marked as “gifts”.

A note on purchasing historic pieces


When purchasing older, historic pieces of Native American or other types of artwork it is extremely important to keep in mind that pieces which are decades, or possibly even centuries old, have lived long lives which have often involved them being used as utilitarian objects and, in the process, these pieces will have generally received varying amounts and types of wear in the form of assorted nicks, scratches, scrapes, slight cracks and surface abrasions.

Rather than being perceived as “flaws”, we believe that such historic wear adds immeasurably to the value and beauty of older pieces. We do our very best in the individual item descriptions of the historic pieces we sell to note any evidence of wear or damage which we believe might fall outside of the ordinary scope of “normal” historic wear, such as large cracks, outsized chips, scratches or gouges, missing elements or any detectable restoration or other evidence of repair but it is not humanly possible to account for every single incidence of wear or damage that might be inaccurately perceived as a “flaw” by someone who is unfamiliar or uncomfortable with purchasing and owning historic pieces.

And, while we and most other experienced dealers and collectors do strongly believe that such historic wear and patina is normal, desirable and contributes importantly to the beauty, presence and authenticity of historic pieces, we are well aware that it is not for everyone.

If such wear makes you uncomfortable, you should probably refrain from purchasing historic pieces and concentrate instead on acquiring newer works by modern or contemporary artists.

Authenticity Guaranteed


We guarantee that all of the artworks for sale on this website

are authentic and as represented.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Note: Prices for all items on this website are subject to change without notice.

Dottie Diamant and Steve Diamant, Principals