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A historic Hopi four-color polychrome pottery

tile by Nampeyo of Hano and/or her eldest daughter, Annie Healing Nampeyo, c. 1900-1905

A very beautiful and very interesting early Hopi pottery tile by one or both of the talented Hopi pottery duo, renowned pottery Matriarch Nampeyo of Hano (1859-1942) and her eldest daughter, Annie Healing Nampeyo (1884-1968).

The tile features an interesting geometric design featuring the Nampeyo family’s well-known “Kilroy” or “Clown Face” motif. Interestingly and attractively, the tile is painted in a four-color polychrome design, as opposed to the usual three-color scheme of yellow, black and red, made with the addition of a thick, ground Kaolin white paint, which is another tell-tale signature of Nampeyo and Annie’s work during this time period as is the presence of high-temperature Lignite coal-firing with its characteristic whitish-yellow firing blushes.

The tile measures 3 1/2” by 3” and it is approximately 3/8” thick. It is in very good original condition for its one hundred twenty or so years of age with some scuffing at the corners and a small chip at one corner. There is no evidence of restoration or overpainting under UV light examination. This beautiful pottery piece made by a distinguished family of artists would be an unusual and rare addition to any Pueblo pottery collection.

Price $875


Annie Nampeyo and Nampeyo, 1901

Photo source and © Milwaukee Public Museum