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Jennifer Curtis Navajo textured silver band ring, c. 2019

Jennifer Curtis is continuing the distinguished Navajo silversmithing legacy of her renowned Father and teacher, Thomas Curtis, Sr. (1942-2013). She uses her Father’s treasured stamps, works as he did in heavy gauge silver with top-notch craftsmanship and interestingly detailed designs precisely as she did with this lovely textured silver band ring.

She has created a lovely contrast in visual and tactile textures here with the ring’s wide central band being very densely stamped to provide a roughly textured surface with smoother polished bands on the top and bottom both of which are bordered by beautifully vertically stamped outside edges.

The ring measures 1/2" in width at its widest center point and tapers down to 1/4" in width at the bottom of the silver shank. The ring measures a size 10 1/2 on a professional graduated ring sizer and it weighs an extremely comfortable and easily wearable 12 grams or 3/8 ounce. The ring is in completely excellent, as-new original condition and it is properly signed with Norbert Peshlakai’s eye within a diamond hallmark which to him signifies “Vision”. It is also marked “+14K”.

Over the course of his career, Norbert has earned countless ribbons and accolades from Santa Fe Indian market, The Heard Indian Fair and other prestigious shows and it is easy to see why. He is an intensely creative and brilliant artist whose work

is its own reward, both for him and for its fortunate owners.


Two beautiful contemporary Navajo silver band-style rings by Jennifer Curtis and Norbert Peshlakai, c. 2019

It would be very difficult, if not impossible to find two better, more accomplished and deserving Native American artists and craftsmen at work today than Jennifer Curtis (b.1964) and Norbert Peshlakai (b.1953). They are both exceptionally talented artists who are quite literally at the very top of their games today making distinctive, beautifully-crafted and inspiring jewelry creations in silver and sometimes also in gold as well. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy seeing these two fine works by these two brilliant artists. Each one of these rings would be a distinct and continuing pleasure to own and wear.

At left, Jennifer Curtis in her studio. At right, Norbert Peshlakai in his studio.

Jennifer Curtis and Norbert Peshlakai photo source and © Four Winds Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA

"I treasure the tools. It comes from the tools, the tools help me to build the outside.

I take the inside – the soul – from nature and then use the tools to incorporate it into the design.”

-Norbert Peshlakai

Norbert Peshlakai Navajo silver and 14K gold band ring, c. 2019

Fourth-Generation Navajo silversmith Norbert Peshlakai whose last name literally means “Maker of Silver” comes from

a large family of Navajo artists in the Crystal area of New Mexico. His Mother and eight sisters are all weavers in an area historically known for fine Navajo weaving.

Norbert has developed an interesting and unique style involving thickly-textured densely-stampworked surfaces many of which he executes with concrete nails to give him the texture he is looking for. That is precisely what has occurred with this ring, the central area of the ring is thickly stamped with numerous design elements and in the midst of this Norbert has overlaid three applied vertical strips of 14K gold, each just under 1/8” wide, which makes for a wonderful color and textural contrast. Too, the ring shank is very slightly and subtly flared outwards on the top and bottom from its center providing

an extremely graceful concave arching profile and relief.

“My work is an extension of my history, my family. My biggest influence is my master, my teacher, my father. His recent passing has brought special meaning to each swing of the hammer, each design I create.”

-Jennifer Curtis, 2014

The ring measures 5/8" in continuous width all the way around and the silver shank is a substantial 1/8" thick. The ring measures a size 10 1/2 to 10 3/4 on a professional graduated ring sizer and it weighs a substantial, yet extremely comfortable and easily wearable 23 grams or 3/4 ounce. The ring is in completely excellent, as-new original condition

and it is properly signed “Jennifer” in Jennifer Curtis’ customary cursive signature on the interior.

Jennifer Curtis’ work is a pleasure to contemplate and wear and this ring will certainly give you equal measures of both.