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A beautiful six-strand Navajo coral and silver tube bead necklace, c. 1930’s-1940’s

This is the kind of wonderful old Navajo coral bead necklace that has virtually disappeared from the marketplace these days. It is simple, elegant and beautifully crafted of large Mediterranean cantaloupe-colored coral tube beads with 25 very finely-crafted large Navajo silver tube beads interspersed throughout the six strands of coral.

Mediterannean coral was first introduced to the Navajo and Pueblo people in the American Southwest by Spanish Conquistadores and colonists and it quickly became highly prized for its rarity and considerable cost and was enthusiastically traded for across the Southwest. Coral bead necklaces such as this were historically and are still today very highly prized by the Navajo people as an important indication and proud display of personal, family and clan prestige and wealth and they were and still are worn on all important occasions as well as for normal everyday wear.

Navajo family dressed in their finery including silver, turquoise and coral necklaces, c. 1930's.

Photo source and © the Santa Fe New Mexican

The necklace measures 13 1/4” in length, from the top of the traditional cotton Pueblo-style wrap to the bottom of the coral beads measured while lying flat on a table. The necklace’s circumference all the way around is approximately 25”. The coral and silver beads measure from 1/4” to 7/16” in length. The necklace weighs a substantial, yet very comfortable and easy to wear 99 grams or 3 1/2 ounces.

The necklace is in excellent original condition with a fine, soft “Handle” and patina from age and use. This necklace

is a timeless and elegant piece equally appropriate for casual or dress wear, clearly classic, completely historic yet totally modern-looking at the same time. You will have achieved the Navajo’s desired state of being; to be able to

“Walk in Beauty” each time you put this classic beauty on.

Price $2,250


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