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This exceptional bracelet by young Quaid Shorty is old-style Classic-Period Navajo silverwork all the way

in the modern day. Quaid Shorty (b.1999) is a rapidly rising up and coming superstar of contemporary Navajo silversmithing, the highly-talented son of the world-renowned Navajo silversmith, Perry Shorty (b.1965).

This beautifully designed and finely-made bracelet is a completely and painstakingly hand-crafted modern-day "Revival" of an 1880’s-1890’s Classic-Period Navajo silver bangle style bracelet right down to using the same

exact century-old traditional Navajo silversmithing materials and methods.

The use of “Coin-silver” is a distinctly old-style Navajo silversmithing tradition which was basically revived by Quaid’s Father, Perry Shorty, in the 1990’s. The earliest Navajo silver jewelry was made from old American and/or Mexican silver coins which were melted down and cast into into ingot-silver “slugs" from which the jewelry was then formed or in very rare cases, a jewelry piece was made directly from a hammered-out coin or coins. Quaid, like his Father Perry, uses historic turn-of-the-century American “Barber” style coins made between 1892 and 1916; half dollars, quarters and dimes to make his unique “Coin-Silver” pieces.

The type of historic American "Barber-style" silver coins this ring was made from.

Quaid melts the coins down and in the time-honored manner casts the molten silver into an ingot silver “slug”.

When he is ready to start shaping the bracelet, he heats the silver slug to red-hot and begins the painstaking process of hammering, re-heating, hammering again until he gets the desired size and shape of the bracelet’s shank.

When the bracelet’s shank is the right size and shape, the meticulous and detailed work of applying the decorative elements. The center of these bracelet was left in slightly domed-up plain polished silver and the top and bottom borders were decorated with beautiful stampworked designs all the way around. The contrast between the variegated stamped darker-colored borders and the brighter, smoother, polished silver center is very visually distinctive and satisfying. The restrained simplicity of the applied decoration on this bracelet is very much in keeping   with the artisitc sensibility of 1880-1900 Classic-Period Navajo silverwork and it possesses a great elegance and diginity. The end result of all the painstaking and concentrated effort that went into making this piece is harmonious, rich and very peaceful to contemplate.

“It sure feel good when you wear hand-made jewelry.”

-Ambrose Roanhorse, "Leading Silversmith of The Navajo Nation" and Founder of The Navajo Arts and Crafts Guild, 1936

Quotation from Billie Hougart, “The Little Book of Marks on Southwestern Silver”, TBR International, 2011

The bracelet is in brand-new unworn original condition and it was acquired by us recently directly from Quaid Shorty. Although essentially brand spanking right off the bench new, the bracelet already have a distinctively older-looking finish and patina from its rustic, not too slick hand-wrought techniques and the use of coin silver. Just recently made in 2023, for all intents and purposes it looks precisely as if it might have been made a Century ago in 1923. The bracelet has all that great old authentic look and feel precisely because it was made from the exact same materials using the exact same techniques as the 1923 model. You could say it’s a bit like time travel.

a beautifully-crafted contemporary

Navajo cast-ingot “Coin-Silver” bangle-style bracelet by Quaid Shorty, 2023

The bracelet measures 1/2" in continuous width all the way around. The inner circumference end-to-end is  5 3/4"

and the gap between the terminals is 1 1/8" for a total interior circumference of 6 7/8". The  bracelet’s silver shank is just shy of 1/8" in thickness. The bracelet weighs a very comfortable 44 grams or 1 1/2 ounces and it is properly signed “Quaid” and is also marked “Coin-Silver” on the interior.

This decidedly old-style bracelet is a beautiful, distinctive-looking and eminently easy to wear piece from the inspired mind and skilled hands of one of the finest young Native American artists working today. This lovely classically hand-crafted bracelet would be a most worthy addition to any collection, anywhere and a true joy

to wear as often as you like! It could very easily become your "go-to" piece.

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